Information Technology (IT) is the application of computer to store, study, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data, or information, often in the context of businesses or other enterprises. IT is considered a subset of  information communication technology(ICT).  In almost every work place across the world, ICT is used on a day to day basis. Every week the media seems to be covered with the news of a new tablet, phone or laptop.

NIIT offers ICT Training that empowers participants to gain practical knowledge needed in a highly competitive market. It also provides avenue to be your own boss. Our trainers are well trained, experienced and effective and our training environment is conducive for learning.

General User Application
This is applied to users’ needs in various human endeavors. The courses offered includes: Swift office, Swift Edge, Desktop Publishing, Information Management system, etc.

Software Design and Development
Individuals are experts in designing softwares/programmes. The courses offered includes: Java with DevOp, .Net, Android, etc.

Students are equipped with the skills of computer networking. Courses offered includes: CCNA, N+, MCSE, and Security+.

Database Administration and Analytics
A database administrator plans, installs, configures and manages data/information of an organization. Courses offered includes:  Oracle and Big Data.

System Repairs and maintenance
Repairs of computer and related devices. Course offered is A+.

Web Application Development
Development of professional websites and web application for more interaction using PHP, MySQL, XML and other technologies/application.

Multimedia Skill
Students will become experts in designing and developing multimedia applications, systems and products that entertain, educate, persuade or inform the users.

To Register, Visit us @ NIIT BENIN CENTRE, 62A, Ihama Road, By Aikhionbare Junction, G.R.A., Benin City.  09037845681, 08075952272.

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