NIIT is a leading IT trainer that offers training on Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and many more courses. Cisco training in NIIT is a well handled course, and our Students are engaged almost universally in businesses and industries.

Interestingly, CCNA certification is a very attractive IT course for a fresh graduate to pursue, since companies also hire Network Engineers who are CCNA certified, irrespective of level of experience. Undergraduate and school leavers can also run CCNA program.

Cisco certification  puts your career on the fast track when it comes to the roles that you’ll be qualified for and offered to you are concerned—and this means much better visibility in terms of your job profile. You’ll be able to perform a variety of networking tasks at an advanced level, with increased responsibilities, and have more tasks ownership. Though getting promoted is definitely possible without being certified, but earning a certification is sure to speed up the promotion process.

Certifications validate that you have a certain level of knowledge and skills because they serve as proof of networking and troubleshooting skills. Certain firms (especially Cisco inclined personnel) prefer to hire Cisco certified professionals compared to uncertified professionals. And it also opens up new opportunities for higher positions and more money.

CCNA certified personnel can be a Network Engineer, Network Administrator, Information Technology (IT) Manager, Systems Administrator, Systems Engineer and Information Technology (IT) Director.

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